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Inspired by Icons like Lauryn Hill, India Arie, and songwriting legend Ryan Tedder, Hewan is an Ethiopian-American singer/songwriter whose hypnotic, soulful voice is refreshing and authentic. Pulling from genres of acoustic, electronic, and pop, the Bay Area Native experiments with her sound and style, however, keeps her songwriting raw and uncut.

Hewan began her musical journey when she bought a guitar in college and began writing. Since then, she’s released an EP and opened for artists like The Internet, Elle Varner, Keke Wyatt, Luke James, and was showcased at the ASCAP Artist Expo.

Currently, Hewan is gearing up to release her sophomore studio project, Blossom, which features production from Ekzakt (Too Short, G Eazy, 2 Chainz), Devin OBannon, and Glaceazuka. She plans to tour as much as possible in the coming months and explore new ways for her audience to experience her sound.


I may never play on the radio
Never leave this old studio
But my music is addictive to your soul
Cuz I'm dope
You may call me a heroine
Every hit I've taken to my chin
Tried to knock me down, but I got up again
Cuz I'm dope

I don't give a fa
I'm something like a drug
I'll take your high straight through the clouds
Till your mind explodes
Cuz I'm

I know, I know, I know
I'll take you high straight
Through the clouds
Till your mind explodes
Cuz I'm

Verse 2:
I won't be Hollywood to fit the trend
Or dumb down, strip to my skin
Cuz that's the only way the industry will let me in
My lyric game like some poetry
Like some chronic with more potency
Just a hit away from killing this industry
Cuz I'm dope

Green, yellow, and red in my blood
I got the Bay in my lungs
One of a kind queen, mentally stimulating
Till your mind explodes
Cuz I'm

(Chorus 2xs)

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Butterflies Again Instrumental Hewan 44209
Butterflies Again Lyrical Hewan 44208
Lose Me Today Love Me Tomorrow Instrumental Hewan 44215
Lose Me Today Love Me Tomorrow Lyrical Hewan 44214
Combat Boots Lyrical Hewan 44210
Combat Boots Instrumental Hewan 44211
Dope Lyrical Hewan 44212
Dope Instrumental Hewan 44213
Ready Or Not Lyrical Hewan 44216
Ready Or Not Instrumental Hewan 44217
Strip For Me Lyrical Hewan 44218
Strip For Me Instrumental Hewan 44219
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Cue Title
Affix 44212 Dope
Hewan Abebe (ASCAP), Devin Wayne O'Bannon (BMI)
Affix Beta Songs (BMI), Affix Alpha Music (ASCAP)
Credit to read
“Dope”. Performed by Hewan. Written by Hewan Abebe, Devin Wayne O'Bannon. Courtesy of Affix Beta Songs (BMI), Affix Alpha Music (ASCAP).
R&B / Soul : R&B, R&B / Soul : Pop
Inspirational / Driving
Lyrical (Clean)
Notable instruments
acoustic guitar, strings mixed with edm sounds