Need Music: Why Affix?

Get the good stuff fast, hassle-free and affordable.

Affix Music is an Atlanta-based music licensing company specializing in placing independent Urban music in Television, Film, Advertising, Gaming and Digital Media. Our mission is to make music licensing easier and more profitable for everyone involved. We’ve built the relationships, service model and technology to bridge the gaps between media clients and quality music creators.

Working with some of the hottest acts in Rap/Hip-Hop, R&B/Soul and Electronic, we understand that a true Urban catalog wouldn’t be complete without including the influences that have contributed to their Pop success and cultural relevance- Jazz, Blues and Gospel. At Affix, we use the word "Urban" to represent the broad spectrum of today’s cutting edge sounds and their rich lineage. Welcome to the music!

Real relevant music...

  • We work with the emerging and established talent behind some of today’s most successful Urban acts.
  • We can help you access what’s hot in the streets before it hits the mainstream
  • We offer real music created by artists and producers in the game. (No generic stock music here)
  • We act as a clearing-house to help you cut through the noise of independent content.

Right now.

  • Our rigorous clearance procedures ensure our music is pre-cleared and ready to license now.
  • We’ve streamlined the licensing process to help you get better music faster.
  • Search efficiently with more thorough and specific categories and tags.
  • Our media player streams tracks instantly with no waiting.
  • Our catalog is regularly updated, ever expanding and always current

We're always here to help you:

  • Find music appropriate for your project
  • Find something that sounds like...
  • Supervise your music project or series from creative to clearance
  • Work with you on more complex requests such as exclusive and blanket licenses and specific rights issues
  • Create custom music: we even maintain a roster of select artists that can create custom music at affordable prices

Download our Media Client one sheet to learn more about Affix Music.

Not sure what music you need? We can help!