Got Music: Why Affix?

Maximize Your Assets.

As an artist, producer or songwriter, you probably have a wealth of underutilized music, whether independently released in the marketplace or taking up disk space waiting to be placed. While traditional recording and publishing deals are becoming less attractive, technology and new media channels continue to expand the market for quality original music.

Affix Music is an Atlanta-based music licensing company specializing in placing independent Urban music in Television, Film, Advertising, Gaming and Digital Media. We’ve placed the musical works of both emerging and established talent with some of the biggest brands in the business, including BET, The Walt Disney Company, Clear Channel and Verizon. And we’d like to help you get your music out there.

Put your music to work for you.

  • Earn more money from your music
  • Expose your music to more people
  • Build your brand through media placement
  • Enjoy the benefits of specialized licensing representation.

Declare your independence.

  • Artist-friendly, non-exclusive agreements
  • 100% retention of ownership of your masters and publishing
  • No submission fees or out-of-pocket costs
  • 50/50 income split of the license fees Affix generates from placements of your music
  • A powerful platform that can help you extend your existing promotional efforts

All we need to get started is:

  • A minimum one-year commitment to represent your material.
  • A guarantee that the music you give us is your own (no samples or covers).
  • Permission to license from all rights holders that have contributed to each musical work.
  • High-quality WAV files of your musical works (no MP3s).

Download our Music Provider one sheet to learn more about Affix Music.